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Voyage to Infinity

And she saw him there just at the edge of the mist. She always knew he would eventually arrive it had only been a matter of time and patience.

"Fruit from one of Malaysia's largest oil-palm plantations rolls to mill over a light railway." —From "Malaysia: Rising Star," August National Geographic magazine; photo by Stuart Franklin

lalulutres:  Fall Spofford Rainbow, New Hampshire, England   #rainbow #虹 #秋 #autumnほぉ...夕方の虹ってなんか珍しい。風景が全体的にオレンジでいい感じ。(^^)

Fall Spofford Rainbow, New Hampshire, England.it's a double rainbow all the way!

陽の光に包まれると、こんなにも温かい空間が生まれるんだね | roomie(ルーミー)



In Every Life Seasons Change Fall is Full of Reminders You Bring Beauty To Barren Trees As You Walk In Crisp Sounds Of The Fallen Leaves .There is Peace Kindly,Karen