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Threepence piece, 'thruppeny bit' or 'thruppence'. I could put one of these in the gap of my front teeth lol

UK Threepence piece, 'thruppeny bit' or 'thruppence' - not dissimilar to the 2017 coin.

Ten shillings or 'ten bob' note.  In 1969 the new 50p, the world’s first seven-sided coin, replaced the 10-shilling note

Ten shillings or 'ten bob' note. In 1969 the new the world’s first seven-sided coin, replaced the note – a very new and very different reminder of the looming changeover. Could do wonders on 10 bob.

Vintage 78 Records | Old 78 records: Russian, Ukrainian, Yiddish

78 rpm records Mom worked for a radio station during the war. We had tons of Big Band & great music from the

The Ten Bob Note! If you got one of these in your birthday card you were really lucky.

I remember when you could go out on a Friday night with ten bob - and still have a crap time!

10 bob note .(10 shillings, worth 50p in 'new money' (decimalisation). We…

England, (1962 - 66) - 10 Shillings (XF)

Most of us remember the day that Elvis passed away. It was such a shock.

1977 - Elvis Presley died and yes, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news.

Coin threepenny piece "thruppenny bit" by Leo Reynolds, via Flickr

My pocket money - thruppence.

Walls Ice Cream Block & Rectangular Cones!!!!

These were DIY ice creams. Buy a cone and a chunk of ice cream wrapped in a bit of grease proof paper and make yourself a lush summer fave!

Ghosts of Motley Hall

The Ghosts of Motley Hall - One of my favourite programmes ever! Remember the white lady who always "did the stairs" on a Tuesday? Or Freddy Jones pointing furiously to the top of his head and shouting "Bored!

First generation iPhone ... Yep ... I had one

SydesJokes: My Generation's First Eye Phone. Y'all may not get it, but trust us: for those who grew up with Fisher-Price toys, and for whom smart phones came along relatively late, it's a yuk.

Robertson's Jam Golliwog brooches:  Many white people think these images benign, many black on the other hand do not. Personally I don't like them and believe they have a history steeped in racism.

Collecting Robertson's Jam Golliwog brooches My Grand father Bob Russell was a lorie driver for this company .

"Eat Me" dates from childhood Christmas' ...remember the twig that you had to eat them with?

Childhood Christmas dates which used to come attached to their twig. The box often bore an illustration of date trees basking beneath a hot Tunisian sun.