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6 dicas para mudar a cara da sua casa

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Add a tutu on any boy costume and it becomes a girl costume.

Add a tutu to any boys costume and you instantly have a girls costume. Original pinner says: Add a tutu on any boy costume & it becomes a girl costume. For all those little girls that like to be super heros too. Love this idea!

little girl sitting on valise....not sure what to feel but I can see myself in this picture as the little girl waiting, just waiting.........for something.

Little traveler waiting for her train to come in. that's what i was thinking for my travel project.

how cute - daddy son

Tattoos often get a bad rap. Most of the time, people associate tattoos with individuals who are a little rough around the edges, like bikers or prison gangs. But in reality, all types of people have tattoos, and ink is just a beautiful form of artis…

Dog in the snow

10 Interesting Facts about Labrador Retriever Click the picture to read. love my black lab!

Life is short... ya only gotz 9 lives so be sure to stop n' smell the Catnip now & then.

Catnip - a big mistake. Every night some stupid neighborhood cat comes and devastates my catnip plant, then digs around in the garden.


Dog Portrait Photography is not normally seen as an art-- but it is through the perspective of British photographer Tim Flach. Flach has produced a series


sand acts as a skin for our feet when we go to the beach. by stepping onto the sand it creates an imprint because it's soft. Makes you wonder what other things can leave imprints