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Nude girl with nice legs

10 Most Amazing 3d Body Paintings - Oddee.com #painting #bodyart #art

10 Most Amazing 3d Body Paintings - 3d painting, body painting art

Amazing Body Painting, Blond Girl on a Bench.

Heavenly Bodies : Photo

Heavenly Bodies : Photo

Body Beautiful Variegation. Kelly Bastow, aka Moosekleenex on Etsy |

Kelly Bastow, aka Moosekleenex on Etsy

Love is love.....

San Francisco City Hall LGBT wedding photographer 30 my god this is cute

That’s some beautiful skin.

Contrast doesn't have to be black and white, it can be two colours that clash against each other.i love the difference of colour between the two in this image and how it makes the body stand out.

With Black-capped Chickadees both sexes look alike, tho the males are slightly larger. Passerine, they are non-migratory; on chilly winter nights they can lower their own body temperature to survive, an ability of very few birds. They also build caches of food (mostly seeds), and are able to remember for about a month where the stash is located. Illustr. by Carl Brenders

Φ Massachusetts State Bird! Black-capped chickadees-love this picture!

Wow, this is without a doubt the most stunning depiction of BDD that I’ve ever seen

by Gregoire Alexandre// shadow photo with wire looks like line drawing//

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Body is a masterpiece. Don't ruin it.  Human trafficking is ‘joint responsibility’

This is an article about how different countries need to come together in order to combat human trafficking. One strong force is better than several small forces. This article also goes into depth about the International labor organization.