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Ana Paula Grillo, a fotógrafa que fez a sessão de fotos da gravidez, recentemente postou fotos de todos os bebês de Lilica, e puta merda, eles são fofos demais.

A cadela que fez uma sessão de fotos grávida deu cria e os filhotes são adoráveis

Photographer Ana Paula Grillo Maternity Photo Shoot Dog Gives Birth to 5 Adorable Puppies - My Modern Met

Tuck in and stay warm...

Pitties love to be tucked in.♥ My Sheila loves it! Tuck her in and give her a kiss on the forehead and she is good to go!

The babies, who were born just after Lilica's pregnancy photo shoot, have all found homes...

Proud momma dachshund shows off her five puppies


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Spoiled babies ! :)

So I guess I should be happy I only have one German shepherd that has taken over the recliner.Pets, Architecture, Interior Decor and Home Improvement.

It was me

This is the face my brothers dog Drakken made all last week when he would fart.

Fun Portraits Of Incredibly Expressive Dogs Whose Expressions Look Almost Human

Hildesheim, Germany-based photographer Elke Vogelsang (a. “Wieselblitz”) turns her lens toward her three dogs to capture the essence of their vibrant personalities. Vogelsang, whose delightful dog portraits we first shared last March, continues to doc