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The DIY should be pretty self explanatory, but here are some links to items you can buy to fill up you terrarium. Star Wars, Aquarium Shrubs, terrarium accessories Sauce: [StarWars]

Awesome Star Wars Terrariums

I want an ewok garden. Awesome Star Wars Terrariums Are Awesome And For Sale

Acklay from star wars. 26/09/2014

star wars alien characters - Akklay (at least i think it's called like this)

Duros • Chris Trevas

The Duros were a humanoid species native to Duro, a planet located in the Duro sector of the.

Neimoidian • Chris Trevas

Neimoidians were a species of humanoids that were distant genetic relatives of…

One of the coolest dark Jedi pics I've ever seen.

this star wars outfit design has got to be one of my favourites as his outfit reminds me of so many different characters and two them are sasuke and zero.