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Quando eu trabalhava no Japão!

Title: Korean boatman Date: ca. 1904 Place: Asia: South Korea Type: Portraits Description: Korean sailor takes a break from trasporting cargo and people, sitting under the shadow from the sail, smoking from his long bamboo pipe. He wears hemp clothes.

- via Stef Any's photo on Google+

- Skipping rope on a beam high above the street (acrobat over Chicago) 1955

A Tibetan man from Lhasa sticking out his tongue, a traditional method of greeting

A Tibetan man from Lhasa sticking out his tongue, a traditional method of greeting. Circa 1955 - (I try to keep this just to Nepal, but Tibetan culture overlaps, and this is just too amazing a pic)

E.O. Hoppé Fishermen, Hamburg, 1925

1940s in Pictures on

Men aboard a ship. Often times, sailors wouldn't see their families for months at a time out on the high seas

“Three Maiko Girls with a Camera”, Japan c. 1920s.

Three Maiko Girls with a Camera Maiko Hatsuko holding a camera, while two other Maiko girls (Apprentice Geisha) look on, a postcard from the mid

Vintage photo of 'The Sea Crew' with a wealth of rigging details.

lovelyydarkanddeep: “jitoph: The days of Wooden ships and Iron men are of the past. Iron ships and Wooden men are of the Present . Fellas, lets keep the grit amongst us.

The little kitten “crept out from beneath a wrecked” tank. The U.S. Marine soldier offered water to it. Tarawa, 1943.

Vintage photo-soldier feeding tiny kitten Vintage Kitty - Korea, ca 1953 - Sergeant Frank Praytor adopts Miss Hap, an abandoned kitten. Sergeant Praytor named her Miss Hap "Because she was born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Woah! Are they sneaker boots. Awesomeness.  47 Stunning Photographs Of People From Around The World

A nomad with chronic eye problems wears goggles to ward off dust, Phala, Chang Tang, Tibet (Photo by Melvyn Goldstein/National Geographic/Getty Images)

Too hot!!!

listen to music. drown out the world around you black white photography records old school vinyl play it loud record player

Samurai in Yokohama, ca. 1866 by Felice Beato. Rare photo of true samurai: a year or two after this photograph was taken, the samurai were abolished.

Old Japan Comes to Life in Images From The Metropolitan Museum of Art Archives

thekimonogallery: Rare photo of true samurai, circa Japan, by photographer Felice Beato. A year or two after this photograph was taken, the samurai were abolished, and with it the Japanese feudal system.


笑顔の王国 ー Land of Smiles | Country little girls raking leaves. Those bright, happy SMILES though! Melting my heart ATM!♡( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Thanking whomever brought the ever camera in Japan way back the mid-Meiji era!

The Victory Kiss; this famous photo taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt In Times Square after President Truman announced the end of World War II on Nov.14,1945. This Iconic photo captured the spontaneous kiss of an American Sailor and a young woman in white, it became famous when Life magazine put it on the cover of their "Victory" addition the following week.

end of world war II. A sailor was so happy that he grabbed an unknown nurse in Times Square and gave her a kiss. This famous kiss was captured by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt and published in Life Magazine