Ballet Bird, Robin Watercolor PRINT - Ballet Art, Ballerina, Bird Illustration, Painting Print so cute! could so see this in a little baby girls room

vintage fabric umbrellas from India

Parasols please

This picture shows several different elements of design. Color and pattern are the most obvious, there are many bright shades and the picture is obviously a bunch of umbrellas. Lines are also incorporated in this picture, and the overlapping of the objects adds a little depth as well.

Japanese umbrella patterns--photo by Sherrie Thai Variety: Because there are different kinds of umbrellas.

Summer sales quickly reached by Underground, London transport poster, 1925

Summer Sales Quickly Reached by Underground; by Mary Koop, 1925 . but in other ways they were endearingly realistic, and are just as relevant today as they would have been when originally published. This 1925 poster shows a throng of summer sales shoppe