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Medicina para la diabetes "Warner's Safe Diabetes Cure" (1906-1908).

CURE: Warner's Safe Diabetes Cure, - - Being loaded with more than ethyl alcohol (eight tsps.

patent medidine bottle | Antique HUMPHREYS VETERINARY patent medicine bottle w/ pic of HORSE

A 3 tall clear-glass oval-shaped antique VETERINARY MEDICINE bottle that has an embossed picture of a HORSE on it!

I was killed by my brother; He poured poison in my ear during my midday nap in the garden. In life, you are most often betrayed by those whom you believe that you can trust the most. My murder must be avenged by my son Hamlet and I hope Gertude lives to suffer with her sins every day.

Vintage Poison Skeleton Bottle Decanter Germany an early example of truth in advertising, says I. No mistaking this for another, harmless drug.