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donabimby: Biscoitos cão

donabimby: Biscoitos cão

Nothing but TONS of KITTY CATS

Funny pictures about Startled kitten. Oh, and cool pics about Startled kitten. Also, Startled kitten photos.

What Pix is gonna think when Canon is a lot bigger than her...

"They told me I could anything.so I became a Doberman" My mom had a Dachshund once, she told me the little runt thought he was a Rottweiler!

Where is it? Obviously not in the trophy room!

Mouse collector (mice knitted by Guardian readers for the Battersea Cats Dogs Home)

Sphynx Cat Breed - Love the marking and those green eyes (with a hint of blue).  Cute kitten.

Caring For Cats and How To Take Care Of Cats With Love And Attention.

Have you met any of these hairless cat or dog breeds? This is why they don’t have fur.

This is so accurate it hurts.

Me when I see dogs

Funny pictures about Dog Lover. Oh, and cool pics about Dog Lover. Also, Dog Lover photos.