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amy whinehouse

vertisse: ““ Amy Winehouse at the Ivor Novello awards, 2007 ” ”

Gaia| http://exploringuniversecollections.blogspot.com

Felix Inclusis / artmonia: Your Faces’Atlas by Andrés Sarmiento.

Oh My. Paisley. A Plus Size Fashion Adventure

Big beautiful curvy real women, real sizes with curves, accept your body sizes, love yourself no guilt, plus size body embraces you!

Jasmine and Rajah

Jasmine, Aladdin Disney Princesses Get A Fierce Warrior Makeover With the help of digital enhancement. Done by artist Mike Roshuk.

Dark and Dreamy

With ever changing pattern of plus size fashion trend people want to look new and afresh. They never want to fall back in time rather they also prefer to stay ahead of time.

steampunk victorian Gothic daytime fashion the countess does downton

The tophat puts a twist on the whole thing; it changes the aesthetic from romantigoth to steampunk-dyed-black.