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Contemplez ce phénomène naturel exceptionnel qui sublime le Grand Canyon

Stunning viral video shows Grand Canyon filled with ocean of clouds

YouTube video kojeg ćete odgledati u jednom dahu

Over 240 incredible HD clips - "Watching this video feels like taking a deep breath of life.

Image result for skateboarding

by Charles Bergquist. As usual, slow-motion HD + electronica make everything haunting.

Beautiful video, PARKOUR Luxembourg by Stephane B. "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

parkour is something that has always inspired me to push harder. achieve the unachievable and conquer.

If there was a Japanese Tron musical, it would look like this  And it would be named Tronp.

If there was a Japanese Tron musical, it would look like this

Japanese eight-man dance team Wrecking Crew Orchestra impresses with carefully coordinated electroluminescent light suit choreography.

Fireworks as seen by a drone - YouTube

July 2014 Drone flying through fireworks!

PERU & BOLIVIA | a stop-motion journey

A stop-motion journey through beautiful countries of Bolivia and Peru. If you want to teleport yourself to South America right away, just press PLAY.