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Jason Sho Green doodled portrait of Beat Takeshi ballpoint pen (mostly) on illustration board

Ms. Eaton's Phileonia Artonian: Close to Mosaic Grid Drawings (very much like what I am doing in art class)

Eaton's Phileonia Artonian: Close to Mosaic Grid Drawings (very much like what I am doing in art class)


Cardboard Portraits – The creations by Giles Oldershaw

Rather than simply throwing away a cardboard box, artist Giles Oldershaw redesigns the discarded packaging he comes across as creative, layered portraits. By carving and tearing away at the material, Oldershaw exposes the ribbed texture sealed within.

Serge Seidlitz drawing during Birmingham Childrens' Hospital 'Doodle Weekend' (2010) - photo from Serge Seidlitz;  The art was made for a hospital fund-raiser.  The artist drew the outlines and invited members of the public color in the white spaces, and the final boards will be used to decorate the walls at the hospital.

Serge Seidlitz drawing live for Doodle Weekend at Birmingham Children's Hospital. Members of the public were later invited to colour in his drawings, with the weekend raising money for a new theatre in the hospital.

Márton Jancsó is studying architectural landscape in Budapest, Hungary. He uses ink on paper for most of his techniques.

Not your typical portrait

circle value. I like this idea. The smaller the circle, the darker the value.

this could be fun - maybe even combine with muscles of the face? High light muscles to frown or smile?

Fred Hatt

Monumental Heads these portraits are 70 x 50 cm, by Fred Hatt. An example of LINE used to suggested TEXTURE and COLOR. Aquarelle crayons, working directly from life, using a scale larger than life.


There is a life behind the personality that uses personalities as masks. There are times when life puts off the mask and deep answers unto deep.