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Jason Sho Green doodled portrait of Beat Takeshi ballpoint pen (mostly) on illustration board

From afar, Jason Sho Green's ballpoint pen portraits could look like any other portrait you've ever seen. But come a little closer and you'll notice that s

Incredible Doodle Portraits

Jason Sho Green creates incredible doodle portraits from other smaller drawings of people, animals and other creatures

by jomoma58/"Modern Portrait of an Ancient Face"/  Encaustic, mixed media, based on an ancient egyptian encaustic/  portrait.PRINTS of this image available at:

"Modern Portrait of an Ancient Face" Encaustic, mixed media, based on an ancient egyptian encaustic portrait.


I think Tangled is the most beautifully done Disney film yet. The advent of digital animation has really allowed for characters to take on a less cartoonish cast. But part of me misses the hand-drawn characters.

april deacon - gouache faces

These ordinary citizens look like they’ve been initiated into some kind of bizarre art tribe. American artist April Deacon uses gouache to turn these vintage photographs some kind of bizarre art.