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Oooo I hadn't seen this one yet. I would love to have a poster of this. Ps why only Rap Mon and Jimin looking at the camera??? They need to stop with that because my heart!!!

Ps why only Rap Mon and Jimin looking at the camera? They need to stop with that because my heart! BTS You Never Walk Alone~


Gifs for the day – Blue magic happening

Creo que ya saben que es Omegaverse ¿No? Digamos que es el típico cli… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad


Chim chim is so adorable ! And can we just take a look at Hobi behind he is so CUTEEE


agree with this and I'm hard EXO-trash, but I just love the way he smiles❤️

BTS @ 150705 Inkigayo Fanmeeting  Am I the only one that finds this beautiful?

정국오빠 저 98년생이에요 1898년 on

Aw Jin is so caring~~ BTS @ 150705 Inkigayo Fanmeeting

So cute. PS look at TAE TAE being an excited cute lil' baby. ♥️♥️

literally if you watch any interview where theyre asked about their reactions thats what youll get out of his remarks

He looks so boyfriend here


"I hoped you would have changed," you said, your voice fading to a sh… # Fan-Fiction # amreading # books # wattpad

•yes my babies were on The Ellen Show and they did so well and were so cute and interactive with army and there was not one awkward moment Ellen did so good as well I'm so happy they got this opportunity•

BTS introduce themselves at the Ellen show! PS: shy yoongi will forever be iconic

What is the most beautiful flower in the whole world?? Hobie Flower of course! ^^ ps, PINTEREST I DONT CARE IF IVE PINNED IT BEFORE ITS ADORABLE.

Image shared by Bxngtan_Girl_ on WHI: discover bts and jungkook photos.