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He ain’t heavy….He’s my brother darksilenceinsuburbia: He ain’t heavy….He’s my brother (via darksilenceinsuburbia)

Recursos i tècniques d'avaluació inicial formadora per a que els alumnes connectin amb els seus esquemes previs.

I love this. Having traveled to India as a blonde, it's a very true-to-life reaction depicted here.

This is such a moving picture of a little boy comforting his sister in Nepal. There has just been a major earthquake there

Two Hmong children in Can Ty, Ha Giang province, Vietnam This photo is being used for the Nepal earthquake. How sad people have to exploit children this way. There is enough destruction in Nepal without this type of fake photo.

Psalm 9:18

Poor street kids, oh my gosh! What is in our world today, these poor street kids were left unattended to sleep on the street just like the stray dogs did once. God help us and the homeless.

House full of water [ AutonomousAvionics.com ] #Art

I know this isn't a mermaid, but I have dreams like this ALL THE TIME, where my house fills up with water and I swim to the ceiling and stuff. Love this picture.

et bah - APOLOGIE                                                                                                                                                      More

Inspiring picture art, visual art, collage, black and white, collage art. Find the picture to your taste!

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Photographer Lalage Snow's powerful series of triptychs titled We Are The Not Dead depict the faces of British servicemen before, during and after (left to right) their deployment to Afghanistan, spanning a period of seven months. The images are as striking as they are revealing, highlighting not only the physical transformations but the emotional ones, as well.

‘We Are The Not Dead’: Soldiers on Afghan Mission. Series by Lalage Snow. Here: Private Chris MacGregor, 24

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The stolen children  They were sent from Irish orphanages to Australia with the promise of freedom. Instead, writes Declan Cashin, our child migrants battled with abuse and slave labour

Farewell: A group of young boys leave England for a new life in Australia in Irish child slaves of Australia