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Antes e depois - nitidez.

Antes e depois - nitidez.


Rain Reflections, Barcelona, Spain understanding: five of them tell the story is rainy night. the neon light is reflected and everything will be dim and dreamlike. the colours can be mixed naturally. lights are the important factor in this works.

30 Inspiring Examples of Black and White Photography

30 Inspiring Examples of Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography- seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary (Step Stairs Stairways)

Solitude - "Enlightenment is, in the end, nothing more than the natural state of being.

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Summer Rain ~ Birmingham, England - Do NOT be fooled, rain in England usually looks nothing like this. It is accompanied with white/grey skies and driving winds!

Pashupatinath, Kathmandu Crematory, Nepal

A funeral in India // Katie remembers being overwhelmed by the passion of the ceremony she passed.

The Daily Dozen: Best of August Over 100,000 photos were uploaded to Your Shot in August, all of which were considered for the Daily Dozen. Here are our favorites from the month.Photographs by Nancy Bumpus, graham de lacy, Jana L., Eric Smith, Nikhil Rasiwasia, jillian Edelstein, Kathleen Dolmatch, Jennifer Liston Potter, mami fujimoto, Jinn Jyh Leow

Two worlds divided - Central Park West, in New York City, as seen from above where there is a split between the architecture of the city and the green of Central Park. Photograph by Kathleen Dolmatch

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"We have a lamp inside us. The oil of that lamp is our breathing, our steps, and our peaceful smile. Our practice is to light up the lamp.

I bet they're called wisteria because of how eerie they look, all hanging down, like little purple ghosts on a vine.

I have always wanted wisteria growing all around my house. Wisteria seems to love to live. It climbs onto everything like a beautiful, needy flower. Smells great too

The water is like glass, reflecting back everything we think we see and everything we don't want to see. As a mirror is the hardest thing to hide your true self from. Mirrors represent the truth you cannot hide from, right in-front of your face.

REFLECTION: An image seen in a mirror or shiny surface, change of hue caused when one colour is reflected onto another.