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8 moves to melt off that pesky layer of lower-belly fat. These exercises target multiple abdominal muscles, so you'll maximize your belly-burn with every rep. Do the prescribed number of sets & reps for each exercise consecutively, taking a short rest in

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When it comes to fitness, most people find it difficult to set a realistic goal. In fact, if you ask any health and fitness enthusiasts at your local gym to describe their goal you're probably goi

CrossFit workouts you can do at home that are 20 minutes or less , adapted for stay at home moms or people that like to work out in privacy

CrossFit Mamas:CrossFit workouts you can do at home that are 20 minutes or less , adapted for stay at home moms. // i may not be a stay at home mom, but between work and school i feel like my free time is spent as a hermit!

Barriga tanquinho com apenas 4 minutos ao dia!

Deite-se de bruços. Se você segurar essa posição por 2 minutos, você estará pronto para a praia rapidinho.

Planks are great for working the abs, and the elbow plank is harder on the abs than the traditional plank in push-up position. Start face down on the floor resting on your forearms and knees. Push off the floor, raising up off your knees onto your

3 dos meus exercícios preferidos para tonificar a parte interior da coxa. Experimenta já, 2 a 3 vezes por semana e irás ver resultados em breve.

Bye-Bye Cottage-Cheese Thighs: Leg-Toning Workout - Doing this in the morning! I only like cottage cheese as a snack!

Squats won't make you look manly... but they will give you a nice ass #Fitness #Motivation

Our Top 10 Exercises to Tone Your Butt

Squats won't make you look manly. but they will give you a nice ass I love her thighs Body motivation

Shrink your thunder thighs once and for all!

How to Lose Weight in Your Thighs

Thighs are normally a huge problem for women. Here are 8 exercises that will tone your entire thighs-including the inside!

What's the best ab exercise you can do? The answer lies a little deeper than you think! Plus two BONUS workouts to carve out amazing ab definition! From Tone-and-Tighten.com

What's the best ab exercise for strength and definition? Stop doing sit ups and crunches - the key lies deeper than you think!