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Gorpo (Orko)

He-Man’s Foes Redesigned as Horror Villains He-Man’s extra-dimensional wizard pal Orko as a much darker version than we got in the cartoon

Gandalf recriado por vários artistas

Gandalf recriado por vários artistas

gandalf the grey, the lord of the rings

Constantine XXII century

Once the proud defenders of law and justice, the Vindatus have been reduced to mere bounty-hunters, applying their magic and cunning to the highest bidder.

weird samurai? by Adrianfd on deviantART

Back from hollidays Just a character design for a comicbook weird samurai?


A arte de Ian McQue da Rockstar

Ian McQue is a concept artist from Edinburgh, United Kingdom. After the jump you can see artwork by Ian McQue. For more info on the Ian McQue, visit the we

Confira as incríveis ilustrações do artista Arthur Mask!

Incríveis ilustrações de Arthur Mask

Arthur Mask is an amazingly talented artist / illustrator based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Dragon Ball Z em 3D super BEM feito!

Dragon Ball Z fan art challenge Bruno Camara - Goku Amazing model, it was really hard to choose between this and Leslie piece. The presentation made us come to a decision

ArtStation - Bat Mech, by Geng Gi Bat Mech suit modeled based on a concept by Skan Srisuwan. More about batman here.

This is my first model working with Studio Hive. Based on a concept by Skan Srisuwan. The concept is to have a mechanical suit built into the human body. Also, the body proportion is leaning toward the comic style. X-Men: Mutant Apocal