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#Cutetalk com a ilustradora Luiza McAllister, do estúdio brasileiro 2Minds

Cute Digital Art by Thiago Lehmann Tags: Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum Bonnibel Bonnie PB

Steampunk Adventure Time! - Imgur

Steampunk Adventure Time!

Lined version of Steampunk Bubblegum Vector. Not my original piece. Just vectored it, etc etc Steampunk Bubblegum lined

Do You Want to Wed an Ice King?

Do You Want to Wed an Ice King?

eles sao lindos de mais

"Im a buff baby that can dance like a man I can shaka my fanny I can shaka my can Im a tough tootin baby I can puncha yo buns puncha yo buns if yo an evil witch I evil punch you fo fun.

Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time :3 I wear it all the time! As pajamas :3333

It's almost cannon but it's not! I didn't think I was signing up for so many feels when I started watching adventure time.


Finished with my steampunk Adventure Time gal pieces for now! I might do Flame Princess and LSP at a later time if I feel so inclined You can see .