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10 Times Monica Geller Described the Single Life Perfectly


Phoebe & Chandler Friends TV Show

Friends TV Show Watercolor Illustration от RachaelMichelleArt

10 Of Chandler’s Best Lines… | B for Bel

Because life is always better with a sarcastic comment And this is why he is my favorite character on Friends! 10 Of Chandler’s Best Lines

The One with the Football

Chandler and Monica PRE-"Chandler and Monica".

One of my most favorite scenes!

I love this Friends scene and loved it even more when I realized it was Sasha Alexander making a guest appearance!

They look so happy! I loved the fact that I was able to see Ross and Rachel go through ups and downs.

Best couple ever!

Los 25 momentos en los que Joey y Chandler triunfaron en la amistad

Los 25 momentos en los que Joey y Chandler triunfaron en la amistad

25 Moments When Joey And Chandler Won At Friendship: When they gave affirmation in unison, like so

Chandler and Janice, back in the day. 《pinterest: @ninabubblygum》

Look at all that room on her side. You could fit a giant penguin over there. That'd be weird, though.

<b>Entre ellos no existe el <a href="http://www.buzzfeed.com/ashleyperez/shes-his-lobster">el</a> "ahora s

Por qué realmente nunca olvidarás a Monica y a Chandler

The time Chandler asked Monica about living together.