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Maru, The Most Popular (And Possibly Cutest) Dog in the World 【Photo Gallery】

Doge 7

very party wow dj don't stop plzzz up all nite mom im old enuff such music


Now, you betta get the hell outta my face with that camera! Making me wear a bowtie.

What Is Your Spirit Animal? You got: Shiba Inu You’re very curious about the way things work, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a smile on everywhere you go. You’re friendly, loyal, and you have a certain fondness for misspellings.

What Is Your Spirit Animal?


Shiba Inu Puppy Dog Puppies Hound Dogs - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel!

boo hooman - such bad thing - so much raindrops - untie plz - very bored - y u do dis - wants freedom - WOW.

Shiba Inu catching rain drops in the rain! Many rains. Much wet.

GIF: They see me rollin they hatin - www.gifs-gif.com Ok so this is a Shiba Inu riding on the back of a giant turtle, I don't know I just HAD to pin it

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