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Foto: Edwin Kats

20 belas imagens demonstrando a beleza e pureza dos esquilos

'Thirsty' Red Squirrel by Edwin Kats- One of the best nature photographs I have ever seen!


my vet says squirrels are very territorial, so this would be all one family! Also, that means placing nuts out for one squirrel during the fall and winter will not attract other squirrels!

brooding hen and a puppy - and to think how cruel people are to chickens! People who believe at heart that it is wrong to harm animals for personal pleasure or profit are already professing vegan beliefs. Their next logical step is to align their core values with their everyday actions and lifestyle by going vegan. So what's stopping YOU? www.vegankit.com and www.freefromharm.org

Mother hen warming a puppy--if this doesn't make you want to only buy organic, free range eggs, from lovingly tended chickens, I don't know what will! Hens are so cute!

Collared Puffbird

Collared puffbird for some reason reminds me of a kitten, and I want to pet it! The Collared Puffbird (Bucco capensis) is a sit-and-wait hunting bird found across the northern region of South America.

Fotoğraf - Google Fotoğraflar

If he's not careful, another squirrel may scurry up that tree and snatch his nuts


european ground squirrels stopping to smell the daisies. photosby julian rad in vienna, who explains, “you have to be at eye level with the squirrels. that means you have to lay on your stomach for.

Chipmunk love...  #AnimalsInLove #AnimalCouples #Chipmunks #ChipmunksInLove

10 Pictures Of In "I give you this 'cause I love you," said one chipmunk to the other. //Awe, so cute, I think he gave her a flower & now he's proposing to her, so sweet EL//

I love me some unlikely animal friends


Wild bunny rabbit makes friends with a deer in the woodland forest - animal photography / Bambi and Thumper