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Do not keep allowing the same person to keep hurting you over and over and over. You know who they are and they're  not going to change. Move forward without them.

Maya Angelou - Believe them the first time, when they show you who they are. you showed me who you were before, I just refused to believe it. I'm too nice. Took a long while because of my heart but I'm better off without you.

If you don't know, "I ship it" means that you are a fan of or agree with a pairing.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure where that phrase came from.  Will have to look that up.

They Are A Couple

This girl is quarterback of her high school football team, and that cheerleader is her girlfriend! This is too cute me being a girl amd on the football team was hard enough I which my gf could have been there cheering me on .

"I May Not Be Where I Need To Be But Thank God I'm Not Where I Used To Be" - Joyce Meyer

Everyday takes me closer to where I need to be. Wednesday July is graduation day. I will get my diploma, aka DIVORCE PAPERS, after two years filled with some of the worst time in my life and some of the very best. Thank you god.


The best way to get along with people is to not expect them to be like you. -Joyce Meyers-ain't it the truth!

Simple people

Love is not a mere feeling, it is a decision about how we will behave and treat people.

“Have God make a message out of your mess.” - Joyce Meyer...How Great is our God!  I Love you, my Lord and my Savior.  Your daughter, Mary

“Have God make a message out of your mess.How Great is our God! I Love you, my Lord and my Savior. Your daughter, Mary

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