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Sapoti || Foto: Pedro Andrade (Arquivo pessoal)

Sapoti || Foto: Pedro Andrade (Arquivo pessoal)

How to Start Blueberry Plants From Another Grown Plant

How to Start Blueberry Plants From Another Grown Plant

Can You Plant Blueberries Near Grapes? {To plant both grapes and blueberries, gardeners must leave at least 10 feet of space between the last row of grapevines and the first row of blueberries.


Water is Invisible and Disconcerting to Dementia Patients

Is Water Invisible and Disconcerting to Dementia Patients? Water is nearly invisible and disconcerting to the typical Alzheimer's patient. They don't like to drink it, and they don't like to get in it.

Como esmagar ossos para produzir farinha de osso. Farinha de osso é um adubo orgânico popular para jardins e canteiros de flores, composto por ossos de animais, e que contém nitrogênio e fósforo para alimentar plantas, bem como cálcio, um mineral importante para plantas perenes. Além disso, é um fertilizante natural de libertação lenta, liberando nutrientes no solo conforme o osso se decompõe. É ...

Como esmagar ossos para produzir farinha de osso

How to Crush Bone to Make Bone Meal

enredaderas- rosal

Las mejores plantas enredaderas para llenar de vida espacios interiores y exteriores

CUCUMBER OR GREEN BEAN TRELLIS: Gather 6 sticks slightly taller than you, space them out evenly on the ground as shown in tutorial, and wrap overlapping sticks with twine to secure. Then run string horizontally from one side to the other. This trellis can be leaned up against a wall or fence, or 2 can be tied together at the top in an "A" shape to make a freestanding support. Sturdy and rustic looking!

leaning string bean trellis - made of tree branches (ideally 6 ft or taller) & twine - lean against house?

Les avocats sont très nutritifs et parfumés, qu’il s’agisse de salades ou de guacamole, ils font partie d’un régime alimentaire sain. Essayez de faire pousser un avocatier à la maison, si vous n’avez pas envie de vous rendre régulièrement à l’épicerie pour votre approvisionnement quotidien en avocats frais. C’est d’une facilité surprenante. Vous verrez comment …

Comment faire pousser un avocatier

The next time you eat an avocado or use one in a recipe, save the stone or pit. Planting your own avocado tree is fun and easy. It is a perfect task for all ages - for the garden, for indoors, and also makes a great project for class or at home!