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Day Favorite funny Disney quote= THIS! It's just so funny :) Btw, this was really hard for me. and this might not even be my favorite funny quote! I think there's a lot of really funny Disney quotes, so yeah.

The magic voices of the princess

the voice actresses of the disney princesses. nice to put a face to the voice.

When you see it....>>>>>Cinderella is Snow White, Snow White is Mulan, Mulan is Jasmine, Jasmine is Belle, Belle is Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty is Arial, and Arial is Cinderella

Disney's "Princess Academy": An Amazing Animated Short That Never Was

I think Jasmine, Mulan, Snowwhite, Aurora and Cinderella are okay. But Ariel? Blue Dress and Red Hair? And Belle?

So True!! except when they decide it would be amazing if they yelled out that the person is there.

when i'm w/ my friend and my crush walks in the room ;

20 Heart-warming random acts of kindness :)

Magic Kingdom Security Guard Said To The Little Girl, "Excuse Me Princess, Can I Have Your Autograph?" His Book Was Filled With Children's Scribbles. :) The Little Girl Couldn't Get Over The Fact That He Thought She Was A Real Princess! How Sweet!

You know it's going to be a good movie when all the actors have been on Broadway <3

Frozen Voice Cast - all those broadway stars make me want to see it now

SO what i'm 22 and still love cartoons who cares lol =D

little reasons to smile! Omg I love this movie! It's so sweet! It's not my favorite Disney Princess movie, but it definitely is one of my favorite movies!