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Restrepia contorta, common name The Twisted Restrepia. From Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador in cloud forest.

Restrepia contorta is a species of orchid endemic to western South America, orchidées

Chocolate orchids

Chocolate Orchids Orchid at the Winter Carnival Orchid Show at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, St.


"Bee-Orchid - Ophrys - This flower looks really like a bug! Amazing :D I wonder where it grows? So cool up close.

Orchid.   ("Porroglossum josei #orchids.")

♥ Porroglossum josei love this I'm reading the Gardener's guide to growning Orchids by Wilma Brian Rittershausen. Can't way to start cultivating my first orchids.

Opsistylis (don't know whether it's a species or hybrid, but it's gorgeous!)

Opsistylis by Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show This is probably one of the prettiest flowers I've ever seen!