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Wine Cork, Cork Board using an old picture frame and turning it backwards so the deeper area fits the corks. Fit a row of corks (in a 2 by 2 pattern) before glue-gunning them. Want to make this and then hang my dart board on it

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DIY Cork Memo Board

DIY Cork Memo Board - New House New Home Don't throw out those wine corks. Save them to make this funky cork memo board. Really want great helpful hints concerning arts and crafts?

50  Homemade Wine Cork Crafts, http://hative.com/homemade-wine-cork-crafts/,

50+ Homemade Wine Cork Crafts

Put A Cork In It! Awesome Wine Cork Crafts & Decor /// Wine cork covered stairs Zissman Zissman de Munck Gilroy This would be cool for the steps from the garage into the house! Have Dad save his corks & I'll save mine.

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Clara sent us these adorable little cork creatures that she and her fiance made when they were stuck in their house during a blizzard. Wine, boredom, and creativity—the holy trinity of DIY

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Handmade gift idea - Hand Painted Wine Bottle and Glass On Cork by WineALotMore on Etsy I want to make something like this! I have so many corks

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To make your won cork board ideas is easy. In this article, you can make diy cork board for your home and corkboard for your home office

What to do with all of those old corks? This is such a Fabulous idea! I would glue them on to foamcore and then hang it on the door or wall.

Wine Cork Crafts and DIY Decorating Projects