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Orgulho da mamãe

Three Asian lion cubs, born on January stand next to their mother Lorena while being presented to the public at the Planckendael Park in Mechelen, Belgium March (Photo by Yves Herman/Reuters)

Baby Macaques watch mom attack their food thief

"Oh no he didnt, Uh-oh she is really mad now" LOL! (Baby monkeys look on as mother chases food thief away. Photo by: Chris Norfolk.

Они просто не в курсе, что их способ передвижения противоречит всем законом физики, логики и природы.....

Goats are literally masters of physics. The dimension is not time it is goat

For animated GIFs, 4gifs:   Cattycake. [video]

(Catty cake Catty cake Baker's man Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Pat it and prick it and mark it with a 'C' and put it in the oven for Kitty and me!) For animated GIFs, Cattycake.

National Geographic, august 1960 :  Pekin, a pictorial record by Brian Brake from Magnum.

endilletante: “ National Geographic, august 1960 : Pekin, a pictorial record by Brian Brake from Magnum.

Photography by @ (Iris Braun). Masai Mara - Kenya The most famous cheetah of the Mara, Malaika, with her two new cubs (almost three monts old).

That cat does NOT look happy!  :(

T'WAS I that set the house ablaze!” [Click the pin to see adorable pictures of firemen rescuing normal, sweet, cats]

How to train your panther

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Though countless fur-parents worldwide are familiar with the traditional antics of the average house cat, have you ever wondered how closely these familiar kitty ma.

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29 Cats Who Failed So Hard They Won

Funny pictures about Terrifying banana peel. Oh, and cool pics about Terrifying banana peel. Also, Terrifying banana peel.


【GIFアニメ】 実は隙間から抜けれるけどここは魅せるプレイ