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CASA TRÈS CHIC: Dezembro 2011

I love the way the flowers are tied with the green ribbon and resting in the vase!

a mason jar with simple tie around it and something in it.  i'm very good at describing things

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but with candles in wine glasses - with maybe some fairy lights in them. or just the fairy lights Vintage Pickling Jar Lantern--centerpiece? The pickling part made me think of you guys

Ralph Lauren SS 2012         ***       ***       ***       Oscar de la Renta         ***       ***         ***         ***         Sheins...

Pink is my signature color! There's just something about the color pink that makes me swoon. Whether it's hot pink or the softest blush pink.

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Peonies and blue & white china. The peonies are gorgeous but the china makes the shot.

styling  LOVE the                                                           chairs


Make roses out of coffee filters. They work well because the texture is quite similar looking to rose petals, and they are thirsty to suck up dye colors.

Coffee Filter Roses

In acrylic box frame in rows.These roses made from coffee filters are quite pretty! The micro-rippled texture of coffee filters makes it a material well-suited to mimicking the look of rose petals.


to do: buy mismatched silverware at thrifts so i don't have to buy/use plastic silverware at parties :D - with an emphasis on bone, horn and mother of pearl handle knifes

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Feeling Better and Fall So I won't pretend. Fall is my favorite season. (see I'm not pretending.