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La Crónica Católica 24. 07. 2014

Meriam Ibrahim meets Pope Francis with her daughter Maya in her arms, in his Santa Marta residence, at the Vatican. The Christian mother w.

For kids, jokes should not include any sarcastic tone that can affect the behavior of a kid.

To the question of What is a problem? And where is the problem? A problem is a data or memory replay in the Sub Conscious Just like a person carries in their gene the patterns or diseases of their …

Pope Francis is cool. They're tossing him a rosary like beads at a Mardi Gras celebration. All he had to do was flash that loving smile.

Pope Francis is cool. Finally someone who might clean things up and be a real Christian.

We are accustom to beautiful images of Mary picturing her as a white, European. However, she was from the Middle East and most likely looked Middle Eastern. Artist’s models and concepts of be…

Ethnic Images of Mary

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Fake Rajinikanth Poster Goes Viral

Pope Francis. Get the latest on EWTN! www.ewtn.com/channelfinder

Pope Francis. Get the latest on EWTN! www.ewtn.com/channelfinder

Happiness - The Food-Mood Connection: Eat Your Way to Happiness

Food devotees, including chefs, nutritionists and food writers, will tell you that how we eat feeds our well-being more than a lot of us probably realize.

Fr. Daniel Berrigan, Jesuit Priest, peace activist, poet: "The truth rules,  Christ is not forsaken / In a time of death some men / the resisters,  those who work hardily for social change / those who preach and embrace the truth / such men overcome death / their lives are bathed in the light of the resurrection / the truth has set them free / In the jaws of death /  they proclaim their love of the brethren / We think of such men / in the world  in our nation  in the churches / and the stone…

Met him when he was on the run from the FBI.

Putin says leaders should unite to end anti-Christian persecution

PUTIN v. OBAMA: Putin, 'World Leaders Should Unite to End Anti-Christian Persecution - Clash Daily-No wonder Putin is known as the leader with most among countries pushing Obama to place.

Meriam Ibrahim Arrives in Italy, 1 Day After Conservatives Blast Obama for Ignoring Her Plight July 24, 2014 - 6:29 AM

Mariam Ibrahim arrives in Rome on Thursday with her children, accompanied by Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Lapo Pistelli.

Sudan is ramping up its persecution of Christians. Please pray for our Sudanese brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Christian community in Sudan has faced increased persecution this week at the hands of Sudanese authorities. For years the Sudanese Christian church.