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The Bridge of Klidoniabistas or Voidomatis is an arched stone bridge which has an opening 20 meters and a height of 9 meters. From the Byzantine period, the bridge is built and rebuilt to be completed in 1853 at the expense of Balkiz Khanum point ending the Vikos gorge, spent the considerable sum of 37,000 piastres. It joins the two banks of the river Voidomatis, where he got his second name and is excellent structure. Old residents moved through the bridge from West to Zagori Konitsa. The…

Ancient Stone Bridge, Epirus, Greece photo via liz. ~Pathways to Enlightenment~

Voidomatis Bridge in Mountainous Epirus , Greece

bluepueblo: Ancient Stone Bridge, Epirus, Greece photo via laura

Stone Bridge in the Fog at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

Saw Tom Petty live in this park.a dream come true ♥ Stone bridge, Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The bridge connects Strawberry Island in the center of the lake with the strolling walkway around the lake.

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pagewoman: Medieval Bridge Tollymore Forest Ireland by Gary McParland - this is somewhere in the Holy Grail Land, King Pellam?

Kozen-ji, Yamagata, Japan: photo by William Corey


Absolutely LOVE this Old Bridge and the Beautiful Dainty Pink Tree! Kozen-ji, Yamagata, Japan: photo by William Corey

Foot bridge

The most beautiful landscapes in the United States pictures): Isamu Taniguchi Japanese Garden’s Togetsu kyo bridge at Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin Texas

Sunset on the bridge...

Bridge on Fire Eroded foot bridge shot at sunset. Elizabeth Park, Trenton, Michigan -- by Jamie Mink

Rumbling Bridge | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The Rumbling Bridge Scotland, spans the River Devon Gorge. The double bridge gives off a distinctive rumbling reverberation at lower levels, hence its name.

Мост бессмертных находится в провинции Аньхой

Bridge of the Immortals, Yellow Mountain, China The Immortal Bridge, a natural landscape, Taishan Mountain Mount Tai lies.

Fall tracks.                                                       …

"Falling Again" ~ Autumn on Vancouver Island, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada … notice the train tracks in the photo.