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dribbble find // octavian budai

Bucharest Fixed poster

Another lovely modern lettering and typography designs created by professional artists and designers. Truly amazing collection of lettering quotes, calligraphy

- Summary - More Info - Shipping Leather has stood the test of time as a preferred material for a reason: In addition to its handsome beauty, leather is a sound way to secure heavy and awkward loads b

Rack Straps

Dora, der perfekte Helm... Endlich ist der Blinker da für Radfahrer. Schaut rein, alle Technik in dem Fahrradhelm ist sehr gut durchdacht.

DORA : The Perfect Cycling Helmet. I hope they put this thing in production soon. finally someone gets that we need lights in the helmet - and a cape. This helmet should come with a super hero cape


Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman's concept for an everyday city bike of the future Love this car ?

When I eat a burger, my mind goes blank

Alice Royer posted You know it's going to be a bad day when the first thing you say after you step outside is, 'Fuck you birds, you sound like shit.' to their -funny things!

never leave your child unattended!

unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy, I love this sign!

Sweet leather saddle bag for a retro bike  $126

Bicycle Leather Saddle Bag - "The Barrel Bag"

The Seat Barrel Bag also know as The Seat Trunk, is another great creation by WalnutStudiolo, we have featured some of their products here before, our favorite. the 6 Pack Holder. The Seat Barrel Bag is a stylish leather seat bag for your bike, d


Heart traffic light, if all street signs had a little love wouldn't there be less road rage?

Looks like The Netherlands.

If you like street art, you’ll enjoy these 26 amazing street art photos (our favorite finds from Street Art Utopia). Also check out 25 Photos of Awesome Ba

Bike Rack in Bike                                                       …

Upcycle old bike parts- almost like a skull rack- but a bike's bar and seat as a current bike rack. Looks great on its own or with a bike hanging from it. Would be a cool gift too!

bike accessories

10 Bike Gadgets That We Want Now

The new Quad Lock Kit is the lightest and strongest iPhone Bike Mount on the market. It can be mounted on most bicycles and motorbikes. The kit features Quad Locks patented mounting technology allowing you to quickly and easily attach and remove your