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Meu amor

"I'll always be true to those who are true to me." - by officialmakavelireign

Bankers historically have promoted wars because they lend to both sides and have create a risk free debt for themselves.

Here is a great collection of Tupac Shakur Picture Quotes to inspire the inner thug in you. Tupac is arguably one of the best rap artist to ever do it.

2pac Tupac Shakur Artwork  Painting by Sheraz A

2pac Tupac Shakur Artwork Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Sheraz A

Tupac: he was cutie but his mouth sort of ruin it for me. #dontdothugs

Tupac was more than a thug he was and activist! Trying to convey his messages through his rap!

Bishop. Juice

Tupac Shakur (bishop in Juice - one of my fav movies - Patnah!

Tupac Shakur

Don't get confused between personality & my attitude. My personality is who I am, My attitude depends on who you are.

Tupac Shakur & Thandie Newton.. This picture is sooo awesome. Why is this my first time seeing this? smh

Tupac Shakur & Thandie Newton circa This picture is sooo awesome.