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#wattpad #fanfiction Qualcuno una volta ha detto che avere paura della paura stessa è la cosa più difficile, forse l'ho letto da qualche parte e sto rubando la frase di qualche bel libro dalla copertina nuova e rilegata, ma forse è vero

Wealth. - It Would Never Have Happened.

{open w/ Eva} I knew William had came back, but where was Chris? I was walking into school when I saw you standing at my locker with flowers in your hand. Tears form in my eyes as I walk up to you. I hug you tightly.

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"Cmon Derek put me down" our noses were touching god if my dad found out I was dead but I don't care I love Derek(open rp my name is Ashley I'm the girl)

#wattpad #espiritual Safira é uma Garota Cristã, esforçada, responsável, dada pra obra de Deus e ama tocar violão. Seus…

A Menina e o Violão - cap. 16

Cue feels-y scene when Katherine finally feels comfortable telling Ethan about her sister, tears and hugs ensue and maybe after three years she's finally able to move on.

Keep your friends close. #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/2016/06/112204/funny-cat-gifs#slide-9

The 17 Best Cat GIFs Of All Time (Yes, Really)

Auslly hug gif

Austin & Ally Fun Facts, Trivia About the Disney Channel TV Show

Stages Of A Long Distance Relationship

Stages Of A Long Distance Relationship