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I have a surprising lack of coffee cups in my life. I have four, to be exact: a Christmas one, one with a sweater on it (for fall & winter), my everyday Colorado one, and the one that stays at work (handmade by So I could use some more mugs in my life!

Charming Handmade Lettering and Type by Mark van Leeuwen // The Fox Is Black

I’ll admit I write about hand-lettered type often, it is a love of mine, but it’s also been continually trendy over the last few years. It’s a beautiful, difficult craft that I co…

cool type with Rick Barrack, thedieline.com

Maybe a fun idea for the kid living room Voor onze studio Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt van der Eems ! :) Inside the Studio: Behind the big red curtain at CBX NYC with Rick Barrack - The Dieline -

Furry Little Peach

furrylittlepeach: “ Self explanatory. A lot of you ask me how I get over my blank sketchbook / first page anxiety: Skip the first page and start on the.

Millions of images rupture our daily notions. Sometimes , consciously and sometimes unconsciously ; signing up deals with the mind or heart to crop them later. Thoughts are a smooth way of escaping…

The Faltering Thoughts

Mornings are my favorite. I love getting up earlier so I have time to just sit, enjoy a warm cup of tea/coffee & relax in the calmness of the morning to ease me into the day.