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"The Savage Hawkman" by Bret Booth & Sarah Christina (Forty-Fathoms) | #Comics #DC #DCComics

I don& know about you but when I see a guy with feathers, muscles, amour and blood, well I just can& help myself. But in all seriousness, Hawkman is one of my favorite DC characters ever.


Images for : "Darth Vader" Arrives, "Spider-Verse" Concludes in Marvel's February 2015 Solicitations - Comic Book Resources

Unite the Seven: Shazam - Simon Pape

Justice League: Unite the Seven - Created by Simon Pape - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Black Adam (Teth Adam) is a fictional character, a supervillan in the DC Comic universe. Created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beckirst, he first appeared in Marvel Family #1 in 1945. Circa 1200 BC, Shazam the wizard grew older, and sought a champion worthy to inherit his powers. The young prince Teth-Adam of Kahndaq (Ramses' son) impressed the wizard with his fairness and decency. But before Shazam could bestow his powers, his daughter Blaze made a deal with the god Set. When Teth-Adam spoke the…

Black Adam is a super-villain and sometimes anti-hero originally written as the evil counterpart to Captain Marvel,

Cavaleiro das Trevas 3: mais detalhes e muitas imagens - UNIVERSO HQ

longlivethebat-universe: Dark Knight III: Master Race variant cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto

"Marvel Cyphon" | This is an electrifying manip of Captain Marvel and Miracleman, made to look like original character, Cyphon, from DC Universe Online.  Artist:  TheCyphre.

Captain Marvel and Miracleman by el-grimlock in Marvel Comics Superheroes: Showcase of Colorful Fan Artworks. Part 1

New 52 superman. Am I the only one who likes the revamped outfit? I dig the high collar

DC's New 52 Superman -- hey, what happened to the red undies? I'll be honest; (Art by Jim Lee) - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


Deathstroke - the one assassin you can't out-smart. Love him as a villain, whether that is under the name Deathstroke or Slade.