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Elasmosaurus platyurus

The Elasmosaurus was around 40 feet long, with it's neck accounting for half it's length.


Alexeyisaurus harnoushenkoi (“Aleksei’s lizard”)
Chordata/Reptilia/Plesiosauria/Plesiosauroidea/Elasmosauridae Late Triassic Ma) 15 ft in length Described in : Russia
Diet : Piscivore

Arquivos do Insólito: Ufologia, Criptozoologia, Fenômenos Anômalos: Animais da megafauna foram cruciais para fertilizar a Amazônia

Doedicurus was a relative of the modern armadillo with two exceptions. One, it was five feet tall and two, had a spiked tail club used for inter-species competition. Doedicurus lived until the end of the Pleistocene years ago


Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure is a film by National Geographic which is set in the Earths prehistoric past, 70 million years ago.

Sokolki Faunal Assemblage by DiBgd

Famous Sokolki Faunal Assemblage frome Late Permian of North Dvina River (and also some nearby regions)

Ophthalmosaurus icenicus on the cruise. By Mark Witton. #Paleoart #Marine #Mesozoic #Reptiles

Many and varied reptile groups occupied the waters at this time. Here the large ichythosaur Opthalmosaurus swimming in the shallows is joined by some smaller pterosaurs floating on the surface