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O fotógrafo belga Johan Lolos viajou por um ano pela Austrália. Foram mais de 40 mil quilômetros percorridos de carro, carona, avião, barco, trem e ônibus. Lolos visitou cada Estado e território australiano e registrou algumas paisagens deslumbrantes. Neste período Lolos conviveu com cangurus, testemunhou tartarugas marinhas colocarem seus ovos no Território do Norte, nadou...<br /><a class="more-link"…

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Easter Island, Chile. Probably less beautiful now that they are excavating them.
Te Wahipounamu includes four national parks, from Mount Cook and Mount Aspiring to Fiordland and Westland. New Zealand's highest mountain, Mount Cook at 3,755 meters (9,842 feet), is found in Te Wahipounamu. So are the country's largest glaciers, tallest forest, most rugged coastline and deepest fjords and lakes
Jiuzhaigou means: Valley of the Nine Villages. The park consists of crystal clear, electric blue, green and purple pools, terraced lakes and waterfalls surrounded by snowy mountains. The giant panda and elusive snow leopard, as well as endemic species such as the Tengmalm's owl, are among rare wildlife that lives in the forests.
The Returned

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Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island, FNQ.

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A photo essay featuring large, unaltered images of Patagonia's iconic Perito Moreno Glacier, both from land and boat.
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