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A Dona do Gato Preto: A ti.

Dancing with daddy- If I have any regrets in life, it is that I did not get to dance with my dad. I dream that when we are reunited in heaven that God would grant me that daddy daughter dance.

Reasons to be cheerful

Baby wrapped in a towel--so cute!

Little girl with her little guitar (six strings). When I was about this size, I learned to play my Mom's ukulele (4 strings).

mumth when little.


Hot fun in the summer sunshine boys! Travel accessories at…


That is a great picture. Looks like both are in timeout.

Pipi Langstrumpf is Anastasia Orub (born May Russian child model.

Dance little princess!

Little girl dancing

Children's tenderness

Children’s tenderness

Awww big brother helping little sister💜

(Right in my face this evening in the autorickshaw. ..bubbles ;) n trustme its like a worry buster .

belaseed: “ (via (Right in my face this evening in the autorickshaw.) n trustme its like a worry buster .

My Sweet Little Poppy.. (by Emma Wood)

seriously one of the prettiest little girls ever. plus her name is Poppy, I mean honestly, share the love