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Onça a atacar jacaré.

Finalists Of The 2014 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Competition, Leopard and Crocodile battle by Justin Black - Animal / Wildlife photography.

Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania.

Amazing wildlife - Pink Flamingos photo flamingos Ngorongoro Reserve in Tanzania by Milko Marchetti

Пляшущий крокодилёнок

The 25 Happiest Animals In The World -- it's silly things like this that make me laugh and make my day. One happy alligator!

misterlemonzest: sixpenceee: A cheetah nursing...

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Funny pictures about Cheetah Nursing Her Cubs In The Rain. Oh, and cool pics about Cheetah Nursing Her Cubs In The Rain. Also, Cheetah Nursing Her Cubs In The Rain photos.

Haha the snake tried.

oliviabeanlove: givemeinternet:a brave snake saving a fish from drowning! A brave snake saving a fish from drowning.

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Title: Stretching Photographer: Stephan Tuengler Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 Theme: Mammals Copyright: STRETCHING © Stephan Tuengler (Germany) 2014 Pleas

Darwin, Northern Territory, Saltwater Crocodile by francomottironi. I didn't know crocs could jump like that! And it is so amazing that someone captured this moment in a photo. (I hope the bird got away.

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Africa Endangered Black Rhino drinking at a waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia © Paul Brehem


Immature saltwater crocodile swimming underwater, exhaling - View amazing Saltwater crocodile photos - Crocodylus porosus - on Arkive


Kim Taylor, the godfather of wildlife photography, caught this frog mid-leap using homemade equipment automatically triggered by the critters motion.

fotos de naturaleza increibles - Buscar con Google

De Udayan Rao Pawar is uitgeroepen tot Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Hij maakte een foto van een gangesgaviaal met haar jongen in India, genaamd Mother's little headful. © Udayan Rao Pawar (India)/Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013


Alligator catching a bird. Rare and unusual photo. One difference between alligator and crocodile is the alligator, which can be found in southern Florida, has a short, broad nose; the crocodile has a long, thinner one.

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♀ Wildlife photography animals kingdom Giraffe storm "I can see whats coming" by David Hobcote

Great White Shark, ocean pictures

Go to South Africa,specifically the area called the ring of death and just watch great white sharks jump out of the water. Not get in the water but just see them jump. who would wanna get in the water with them?


Scary close-up of an alligator’s cousin. Photographer gets in the water to snap a close-up of this caiman, little did he know there were He quickly returned to his boat.