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Cérbero pescoçudo

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Giraffe 'with three heads'. (Photo by Tony Murtagh/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Mercury Press)

******************************************** - Pixdaus -The performing elephant??!!

An elephant stands on its back legs to reach high leaves with its trunk in a forest at Mana Pools, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Zimbabwe. Photographer Morkel Erasmus captured this behaviour, which has made the Mana Pools elephants famous but has.

Giraffe family                                             #animals #giraffe

My favorite animal: Giraffes. A new born giraffe is surrounded by its family. The photograph was taken at Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa, just 45 minutes after the mother gave birth Picture: BRENDON JENNINGS / CATERS NEWS

The Law Of The Wild says "Kill ONLY when you are hungry." And they say humans are more civilized than animals...(La Ley de la Wild dice "matar sólo cuando termine tienen hambre." Y dicen que los seres humanos son más civilizados que los animales ...)

The Law Of The Wild says "Kill ONLY when you are hungry."

"Law of the Wild, just kill only when hungry" We as humans (the higher species of animal - appenetly) should really learn from this as we kill for the pleasure of killing.

Photographer Alison Buttigieg captured this adorable white sifaka in Madagascar. We can'

Photographic proof that animals are funnier than humans

Dancing Verreaux's Sifaca, Photographer Alison Buttigieg 😜 [[Better moves than John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever]]

Nature's Paintbox

Giraffe Reflected by Mario Moreno on - A male Giraffe drinking at a waterhole in Motswari Private Game Reserve