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cause we're cool like that

a HUGE one, I've only had a small one before, it was really fun but it didn't last long witch stunk. It was for my birthday, I now have learned to get more than a can of silly string for everyone.

DoNe. Super fun!!!!

Play Laser Tag with the Acting Compney - Check! and 3 outta 4 games not that i like to brag!"I'm 28 and I'm going to kick your ass at laser tag" - grant p

or win it myself and give it to someone special!

- have someone win me a giant stuffed animal from a carnival/fair

Done! Not well, but done hahaha

Done, but I need to learn how to drive a manual transmission. And as of 2013 I can drive a stick shift!

Raves   Completed on June 30 2013 at electric forest.✅

College: Expectations Vs. Reality

Go to a rave! This is lie the one thing I really want to do! / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die. Boom done this in Ibiza baby

i've done it before when i was little, it'd be fun to do again

Bucket List - Completed: get ice cream from an ice cream truck

Kiss a random handsome stranger on New Years Eve

Kiss Someone At Midnight On New Years. Our first midnight new years kiss in As a derhay

Learn how to do a cart wheel:-) ~ Do you remember this day???? Oh my aching ass!! How sore were you?? I do believe we broke ourselves but dammit.... we did it!!! LOL!

I did gymnastics for 3 years years old) one of the first things they told me was a proper cartwheel.

Your Bucket List.


Catch a jar of lightning bugs.Summers in Nashville Tennessee, child hood memory

bucket list pinterest - Google Search

Bread - very poorly, Chocolate chip cookies ALL the time, Lemon cakes - 2012 - my lemon cakes will help me rule the world once I perfect them