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Os pesquisadores responsáveis pela descoberta são o biólogo especialista em visão da City University London Ronald Douglas e o neurocientista da University College London Glen Jeffery. Douglas explica, porém, que esse “superpoder” tem um viés – a visão fica menos nítida: “Se tem uma coisa que os humanos são bons é enxergar detalhes. Talvez por isso tenhamos lentes que filtram o UV. Se não tivéssemos, o mundo ia parecer mais embaçado.”

Eles realmente vêem coisas que nós não vemos

TIL some birds display ultraviolet feather patterns that are invisible to the naked eye: Under UV light, the flight feathers of a hatch-year Northern Saw-whet Owl glow pink across the entire underside of the wing

Crested Owl - heart centered electromagnetic resonance allows you to communicate with all species of the wild.  www.jazzyeco.com

Juvenile Crested Owl: The crested owl (Lophostrix cristata) is a species of owl in the family Strigidae. It is the only species (monotypic), in the genus Lophostrix.

Animals and Human Harmony in Nature by Photographer Katerina Plotnikova   /   http://photovide.com/?p=174147

Russian photographer, Katerina Plotnikova created portraits with real animals , that aren’t the work of Photoshop, but real-life interactions between fearless models and dangerous wild animals.

Northern Saw-Whet Owl

Northern Saw-Whet Owl Able to induce vomiting in predators through sheer cuteness and adorability==not my description but funny so I had to keep it


owl, Soft Landing by Raymond bradshawrandom thoughts of a pathetic mind


I have always loved birds.of all kinds. But the wild, birds of prey are simply elegant. Nothing compares to their magnificence and beauty. Add to that their ability to fly and you truly have God's perfect creature.

Southern white-faced Owl (Ptilopsis granti) (formerly known as Southern white-faced Scops owl). Africa from southern Uganda and southern Kenya south to the Congo, Angola, Namibia and to the northern Cape Province and Natal.