These lovely ladies are going in my new garden around the glass house. The garden is in memory of my sister. She is the one on the left. Check us out at

Ironing Board Women (By: Debi Slinger @ Repurpose + Upcycle = Inspiration)

Blue Jean Plant Stand

Next time you’re at the thrift store, grab a cheap pair of jeans and copy this woman’s adorable idea!

Ironing Board Woman Garden Art Project

Ironing board woman garden art project

Ironing board woman garden art project - make this wonderful outdoor decor using repurposed and upcycled items

Idées pour recycler une planche à repasser

Idées pour recycler une planche à repasser

ReFab Diaries: Upcycle: Ironing boards aren& boring. A fantastic roundup of ideas for upcycling iron boards!

She is sweet! Need to have hubby make her for me.

Organized Clutter - Garden Junk Idea Box by Organized Clutter

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Oh my!  This is my absolute dream --to have something this fabulous as the anchor in my garden. Love, love, love!

Mannequin madness: A brilliant concept, perfectly executed…Becky’s glittering garden mannequin