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Pipoca Com Bacon - May the 4th be with you! (Star Wars) - #PipocaComBacon - #AAmeaçaFantasma #AVingançaDosSith #AtaqueDosClones #MayThe4thBeWithYou #OImperioContraAtaca #ORetornoDeJedi #StarWarsDay #StarWarsIdentities #UmaNovaEsperança

May the 4th be with you! (Star Wars)

funny-Joker-Vader-Loki-fan-girls batman Star Wars thor the avengers oh my gosh his face!

Daddy Issues - Cheezburger

Daddy Issues

Funny pictures about Sons with daddy issues. Oh, and cool pics about Sons with daddy issues. Also, Sons with daddy issues.

Okay, but Loki is 'lowkey' my favourite. ...Eh? Get it?

LOKI'D<---No. The real reason I loved the Avengers is because it was an awesome movie. Love ya, Loki, but you ain't the reason I loved the movie.

CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!! GIVE ME BACK MY POP-TARTS!..... you have just been Loki'd ;)

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Maybe that is were Uncle Rick the idea of the chapter named, 'Come to the dark side, we have pop-tarts'! Loki still had the pop-tarts'!( Magnus Chase and the gods of ASGARD)

My mind is blown right now, IT MAKES SENSE.... << I like this theory, but tend to think maybe she was Asgardian, not human...

I'm pretty sure: Loki's birth mother was a Midgardian woman, who was kidnapped by Jotuns and died soon after giving birth to Loki. ( it sounds plausible)

Today is not that day and tomorrow doesn't look good either

I'll stop pinning Tom Hiddleston today. WAIT a pin of Tom that I haven't seen before! *pin* WHY YOU Tom Hiddleston, Why!

All That Is Humor » Reasons your girlfriend love Avengers  Just for the record, I loved the Avengers and it wasn't just because of the man-candy.  Ok...Mostly it was but it had other good points.

im a girl and i thought the avengers was amazing. ---> I'm a girl and I think Scarlet Johansson is AWESOME!