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As varreduras do cérebro estão agora a nível molecular, revelando o que as células do cérebro estão a dizer umas às outras, dizem os pesquisadores.

Scientists: Brain Stimulation May Make You Smarter But At a Huge Cost

Water Connectome

Neurosurgeons Use Water to Map Connections in the Brain

An example of a brain scanning technique called tractography or diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) which uses water molecules to guide surgery.


the microscopic blood vessels that carry nutrients to neurons in the brain, SEM. This sample, from Human cerebral cortex, shows a large blood vessel at the surface of the brain (top), which sends down thin, densely branched capillaries to deliver blood throughout the entire cortex.

neuromorphogenesis: “ Baroque Blood Vessels A scanning electron microscope (SEM) image zooms in on the baroque branching structures that send blood to the human brain’s cortex. The vessels are.

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diffusion tensor imaging

diffusion tensor imaging

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canadian ice age ice thickness chart - Google Search

canadian ice age ice thickness chart - Google Search