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Character Design by Brett Bean, via Behance. Depicting a flaming skeleton in a multicolored fire (reds, oranges, and blues). The cartoon style makes it less gruesome than a photograph.

Character sheet of this skeleton king I drew in my sketchbook a few years ago. I recently recycled him inked him and made a character sheet to try a new colour pallet I wanted to try and use more flat colours than usual.

But I'm a pacifist. Lim rolled her eyes and grabbed Hirsho by his cape and shock him hard. Just then a black thorny arrow shot by piercing through Hirsho's red cape. His sunken skull eyes flashed red. Ah finally.

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Guillaume Singelin- watercolors with pen outlines and lots of little lines incomplete outlines


GREAT direction for an eerie ghost character. A way to physically achieve the shadowed face and bright eyes would be awesome

Bird and Beast by sambees on deviantART  I like the masks and the robes of these characters:

Scan from my sketchbooks of some character concepts I was playing with and haven't quite finished developing. Done at a convention back in wanted . Bird and Beast