Bullet Journal Future Log by @bullet.journal.love

The Future Log is a great way to log all the important and fun events you have going on in your life. It keeps all of your future events in one place. Anything that occurs in future months such as …more

We simplify bullet journaling with our guide! Find out what the symbols mean, and how to get started.

Bullet Journaling: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Bullet Journaling: a simple, clean infographic to summarize what a bullet journal is and how to get started! great introduction to this organizational tool

Nunca é tarde para começar nada.

Nunca é tarde para começar nada

B ullet journal  é registro rápido e eficaz,   ajuda na organização,planejamento ou registro de sua vida, Explicando de uma forma mai...

Replace first Saturday and Sunday with water and sleep tracker, put in a Sunday at the upper-righthand corner. Put yards and steps tracker instead of coffee tracker. Above the "the days have no numbers" do a generic tracker.