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The Phantom of the Opera memes. Yea. Look at his pants cuffs!

The Phantom of the Opera memes. Look at his pants cuffs!<< I started laughing and then I started crying and then I started sobbing.

Why not? Its actually quite attractive although you can only be a sexy musical genius in order for it to be successful...

and if you could wear the mask and cape too while you're at it and just randomly burst into song while creeping XD

Did I not instruct that Box Five was to be kept empty for my use?

Things Musicals Taught Me: Phantom of the Opera.Things Musicals Taught Me: Phantom of the Opera.Did he not instruct box five was to be kept empty?

Are you sure, Phantom?  What makes you say that?

Pffsh, nooo, really? Buuuut, I'd totally let him stalk me. It's Erik. The Phantom of da FREAKING opera!

phantom of the opera

When you put it like that, no wonder Christine chose Raoul.) but i am still pro phantom