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Bracelet that conceals your key for when you're walking the dog or out for a run. genius

Here's a smart solution for storing your house key when you're out for a walk or a jog. The gokey is a silicone wrist band that conceals your key safely and comfortably- no tying it to shoestrings .

Durable and Colorful Finish Any good hardware store can cut the key. Fits Kwikset KW, KW1, and KW10 Style locks #colorful #durable #gun

Cowboy Gun Door Key

Cowboy Gun Door Key - Using a cowboy gun door key will ensure no one steals your set of keys. If you live in a house where people are constantly losing their keys, gets .

16GB Ravage Transformers USB Stick...okay that would be pretty cool.

Funny pictures about Transformer USB drive. Oh, and cool pics about Transformer USB drive. Also, Transformer USB drive photos.

Kids' drawings made into keychains, charms, etc. ~ I don't have any kids, but thought this was cute

How To Order Personalized jewelry from Formia®Design LLC

Funny pictures about Your Kid's Drawing On A Key Chain. Oh, and cool pics about Your Kid's Drawing On A Key Chain. Also, Your Kid's Drawing On A Key Chain photos.

Tie DIY Infographic  #ties #style #fashion This Pin re-pinned by www.avacationrental4me.com

Tie DIY: Every Knot You Need to Know Yes, I am a girl. But I have a tie for my Hogwarts costume. And I cant tie that thing for the life of me.

Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch 42mm Specs:Colors : Silver ...

Add swappable style and color to your Apple Watch by using this Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch from Griffin Technology.

If you don't like this SAVE your negative comment, the Cerakote job is on point…

Wonder Gun for wonder women :)Ladies shooting fans may love this - who doesn't want to feel like a superhero?

Start your morning off right - with a penis in your mouth! With these naughty penis shaped egg frying molds you'll be cooking up a protein storm of phallic shaped meals that will kickstart your metabolism and become a staple of your nutritious morning breakfast.

Penis Shaped Egg Mold

Give your eggs a shape that will raise than eyebrow! Simply place the "Willie Egg Fryer" in the frying pan, crack your eggs inside and cook as normal. Beautifully shaped kinky cuisine, Penis-shaped sunny side up eggs.

How to Make a Handsome and Handy Wooden Bottle Opener.  You could fancy this up in a million ways.  Carve it?  Woodburn it?  Paint it?  Bejewel it?  The options are endless.

DIY Wooden Bottle Opener